About Us

YouYarn was created because we recognise the value of stories and that means yours too. Potentially everyone has a story to tell and YouYarn is the place where you can tell that story to the world and discover other people's.

Throughout our history we have been telling each other our stories. Some have transcended their own time and have been passed down through the generations.
When Homer recited his epic poem from memory, telling the story of the Trojan War to enraptured audiences in ancient Greece, did he think that we would still be entranced by it, thousands of years later? Probably not. But a good story does endure, it weathers the storms of fashion, indifference and evolution. It lasts and in that time it is not diminished, it grows.

Initially we intended it to become a forum for inspiration and motivation through the timeless medium of the story but it turned out that the stories themselves had other ideas and YouYarn has already evolved into something even more exciting.

By visiting the site, browsing our stories and/or uploading your own stories, you can help us to achieve our ambition to make YouYarn the place to go for stories. A place where they are valued, nurtured, appreciated, loved.

Who knows? Maybe your story will last as long as the Iliad. Let's find out....

If you would like to tell your story but would prefer to remain anonymous, you can choose to do so on the registration page.