23 November 2016

Silent Film Enthusiast

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I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred different ways.

From my earliest childhood, peeking around the corner long past bedtime watching those flickering images on the television and my parents sipping the soft drinks I was not allowed to have, I was hooked. In the beginning my favourites consisted mainly sound films in glorious technicolor, but were heavily (de)saturated by Laurel and Hardy. Brats (1930) had my brother and sister and I giggling with glee at the antics of the two grown men as children interacting with the giant chair, blocks, bed and of course the bathtub. From there I found more black and white films, and started to seek them out - The Little Rascals, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Harold Lloyd. As I matured I came to appreciate  the true talent of not only comedy but cinematography, photography, and the art of silent film. I graduated on to films such as Nosferatu, Metropolis, A Trip To The Moon, and Pandora's Box. I also devoured as many books as I could on the subject and before long I was immersed in a sea I was happy to drown in.